ABAP™ Eclipse Editor

We create a ABAP Eclipse Editor back in 2005. Unfortunatly the product is now in maintenance mode and not for sell anymore as SAP® has released there own Eclipse ABAP Editor (ADT)

ABAP™ Eclipse Editor is an external ABAP editor for SAP®. It is an easy to use development tool which successfully extends the ABAP development capabilities of SAP® to the Eclipse development environment (including the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio environment). It accelerates time-to-market for developers building ABAP services/applications. The plugin connects to SAP NetWeaver/ERP/CRM etc. like the SAP's SAPGUI® using the same user authentication methods. Because of this, ABAP™ Eclipse Editor users must be registered in the SAP system as a SAP developer, like when they are developing with SAPGUI® itself.

SAP customers use ABAP™ (Advanced Business Application Programming) for their own developments. Such developments can be important for adapting R/3 standard solutions to specific problems. The ABAP™ Development Workbench contains all the tools you need to create and maintain ABAP™ programs, however the standard SAP ABAP editor does not have the features such as the common development tools had in the past few years.

The best of two worlds...
We have combined the power of the well known Eclipse™ IDE with the proven functionality of the SAP® ABAP™ Workbench to develop an innovative new ABAP Editor.

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