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Share your documents from SAP® DMS (Document Management System part of SAP® ERP/PLM) with external partners. Selected files will be placed in the cloud solution from or dropbox where you can collaborate with external partners like suppliers, distributors, customers, printing office, contractors, engineering office etc. etc.
Single or multiple Document Info Records can be selected and the files will be sent to the Box service. In addition the standard SAP document distribution functionality can be used to upload files to the Box.
Files placed in the Box service can be used with the features of the Box like Sharing and managing content, Project collaboration and workflow, User permissions, Discussions and commenting etc.
External parties can submit new files (for example 2D/3D diagrams, office files, etc.) which after your approval can be created in SAP DMS (as a new Document Info Record or as a new version of a Document Info Record). And many more features...

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Demo 1 Upload files to from SAP (DMS):
Upload to

Demo 2 Mass file distribution:
Mass file distribution

Demo 3 Upload file and create Document Info Record in SAP:
Upload file and create Document Info Record in SAP application site: OpenBox

- business account
- SAP® ERP 6.0+
- No middleware needed like NetWeaver CE or PI

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